Do you have sneakers or clothes you want to sell? 

Here at Fairfax Streetwear, we offer a consignment service.

All you have to do is bring your item (sneakers, clothing or accessories) in-store and we can run you through the process of consigning with us.

The process is fairly simple, we will list your item for you and once the item sells you will get an email notification letting you know your item has been sold.

We will then send you a payment - less our consignment fee - 20%. 

Example: If you have a pair of Yeezy sneakers you are wanting to sell for $500. We will list the item at that price and once it sells we take 20% commission (20% of $500 is $100) and we then pay you the remainder - $400.

Consignment pay outs are done every Tuesday.

Example: If your item is sold on Thursday the 30th of May, your payout will be paid on Tuesday the 4th of June.

For more information please hit us up on our Contact Page